Faster Sites Convert More

Written by Jeremy Parks on March 27, 2022

Your website needs a faster load speed. How do I know that? Because you can't have "too fast" of a website these days. On sites that are optimized for performance, I always see an increase in conversions and visitor time browsing. As you know, this translates to more sales and leads.

Website speed is often measured incorrectly. For example, I will talk to site owners who swear their site is fast on mobile. What I often determine is they're viewing the site over their Wi-Fi connection at their home or office. This connection to broadband loads a site much quicker than a 5G, 4G, 3G mobile network. Because of this, I test all designs on 3G connections and older screens using tools and services. (To get technical, I look at sites starting with an iPhone 5SE with a 320-pixel wide screen and up.)

In developing WordPress sites or updating existing ones, load speed is one of the top things I address by eliminating bloat and plugins. This clean-up benefits a site's life span, maintenance, and stability. When necessary, I'll recommend a few WordPress host that will produce higher scores and better load speeds, instantly.

Besides creating and developing faster WordPress sites, my other top focuses are converting users with:

  • Mobile-First and Responsive Design - a pixel-perfect website on your visitors' top 10 to 25 devices
  • Automation and Web Forms - push content and posts to social, email, text message, and more.
  • Page and Site Technical SEO - start on a level playing field with page SEO, a sitemap, and Analytics
  • Consistent and Solid Branding - get an agency quality site for less cost and in less time

Already crucial for success, site speeds will need to adapt quickly as mobile devices continue to take over. Bottom line, your website can and needs to be faster on all devices. If you have a WordPress site, especially one created with Elementor or Oxygen Builder, let's chat or talk about it today.

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