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Oxygen Builder is the best lightweight site builder for WordPress. This visual website builder allows you to design any web design or e-commerce site you can dream up, and it has more design freedom than other WordPress site builders. Due to it's lean code and focus on web design semantics, Oxygen Builder can generate faster loading sites, better PageSpeed & Lighthouse scores, and thus rank higher in search engines. This is the reason this visual site builder has grown in popularity. If you require maximum conversions and a fast load speed from your site, I recommend checking out Oxygen Builder today.

Oxygen Builder for WordPress

Oxygen Builder

Tools & Features

Custom Fonts & Icons

Use Google or Adobe fonts or import custom fonts that match your brand. Choose from hundreds of icons.

Faster Load Speeds

Oxygen Builder has cleaner code and less bloat than other WordPress builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, and Elementor.

Edit History & Undo

See a visual timeline of the updates you've made to page. Click on steps to undo mistakes or redo what works.

Roles & Permissions

Easily control who has access to edit and update your site. Hide unnessary tools to make team collaboration easier.

Prebuilt Elements

Build new pages in minutes, not days. Drag and drop a growing choice of hundreds of prebuilt blocks and layouts.

Design Anything

Oxygen Builder has the most design freedom and robust coding features than any WordPress builder available.
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Oxygen Builder:
Faster with Less Bloat

Oxygen Builder reimagines WordPress web development, offering a user-friendly interface and robust features that empower users to craft custom, high-performing websites effortlessly. With its focus on clean code and flexibility, Oxygen enables precise design control without the constraints of templates, resulting in lightweight, fast-loading sites and e-commerce stores optimized for superior performance and SEO. This builder stands as a go-to solution for creating dynamic, visually captivating websites while prioritizing efficiency and design freedom.
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