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Gravity Forms is the most powerful form builder for WordPress. This premium plugin uses a drag-and-drop interface and has built-in columns for layout control and organization. Considered one of the first paid plugins available for WordPress, Gravity Forms has a trustworthy history and can build the most complex and custom forms. From simple appointment forms to robust order forms, you can engage your audience and automate responses or drip campaigns. Generate more leads and business from your website.

Gravity Forms for WordPress

Create Powerful

WordPress Forms

Email Routing Logic

Send inquiries to the right department base on what the user selects.

Save and Continue

Give users the ability to save their form entries and continue later on.

Mobile & Touch Forms

Checkboxes, toggles and dropdowns make mobile entry easy.

Anti-Spam & Secure

Prevent unwanted spam entries using Google reCaptcha or honeypot.

Quizes and Polls

et fast feedback with quizes and polls, including from your own team.

Orders & Payments

Accept secure online payments for orders, services, fees and more.
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Gravity Forms: Online Leads In Less Time

Now you can easily drag-and-drop fields onto your form and arrange them in columns and rows. Adding multi-step forms is also easy, no need for coding. Going live takes minutes. Now your WordPress forms will appear professional on all devices and screens.

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Gravity Forms Examples

The WordPress sites below were built in Elementor which integrates easily with Gravity Forms. Almost every website uses web forms and often these forms only deliver to email. Gravity Forms can push your form submissions to thousands of Cloud services like accounting, CRMs, email marketing, Google Apps, Zapier, text messaging and more. This all happens automatically, after a user completes your form. Start growing your WordPress site leads and auto-responding to them. Get a quote today!

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