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Say goodbye to designing for just one device! In today's era, mobiles outnumber desktops and laptops for website visits. A desktop-only design won't suffice. Mobile users demand seamless navigation, large fonts, and swift load times. Without mobile optimization, expect fewer leads and a diminished ROI. Let's enhance your site for mobile success – let's talk today!
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Mobile web designs built in WordPress
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Is WordPress Responsive?

How your website is built is what makes it responsive, not WordPress. More specifically, the theme and templates your site is built with controls how it responds on mobile and tablet screens. If you use a WordPress default theme or host your site on then your site is probably responsive. Not sure if your site is responsive? Try viewing it on a multiple devices or try using Chrome Developer Tools. Every site I design is mobile-friendly and responsive on the latest devices and monitors.
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Time for Mobile-First

Mobile-first has multiple meanings. It became a popular term in 2018 when Google started doing mobile-first indexing. What this meant is Google’s bots began crawling the mobile version of websites and using that for ranking. This produced better search results for mobile users, now a majority of site visitors. In web development, mobile-first is the practice of designing a website starting with the smallest screen size first. This can produce a faster load speed and better experience for mobile users, and it helps ensure no vital content is left out.
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Mobile web designs built in WordPress

Fast Load Speed
is Crucial

When it comes to mobile devices, speed is at the top of the list. One Google page speed report showed over a whopping 53% of mobile visitors will leave a site if a page takes more than three seconds to load. That’s not good for site owners, considering the average mobile site takes 15 seconds to load. Today, if a site doesn’t load quickly on mobile, you risk bounces, less purchases, and losing repeat visitors. Mobile-first web design isn’t the only thing that contributes to a fast load speed. I also focus on clean code, compressing images, avoiding plugins, and using high performance WordPress hosts.


Clean Code

Reduce Plugins

A Fast Host

Deliver a better site experience!

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