How a small roofing company created a brand overnight

Written by Jeremy Parks on May 7, 2023

Here’s a basic example of how a new website can build a brand from the ground up. Sometimes a site is needed quickly for advertising or promotion, but there is no logo or brand elements. I’ll cover how a small WordPress site created a solid identity for Black Belt Roofing.

With 12 years of residential roofing under his belt, Dustin Peterich started Black Belt Roofing, focused on some principles of earning a black belt like respect, responsibility, and dedication. While a master at insurance claims and damage repair, the new company needed a brand and website quickly. Referred by a fellow web designer, I talked with roofing company about their situation and goals, ending with the decision that a logo and website were equally important.

The logo design was the first order of business, and the owner knew what he wanted. A “black belt” was a requirement as was a red band on it, like what’s seen in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, something the owner is practiced in. After a few rounds of mockups and variations, a belt design, colors, and fonts were approved. These colors and fonts were used throughout the site, as well as the “belt” mark. The project went very quickly, from start to finish.

First, we had a kickoff call to discuss the logo and website requirements. Next, several logo mockups were created for review, and one was ultimately revised and approved. At that point, the client was given brand logo files to use for vehicle and apparel needs. With the logo finished, a live homepage proof was created. After minor revisions, it was approved, and the rest of the pages were finished. The website was completed and launched on schedule, followed by remote training on editing the site in WordPress.

That is how Black Belt Roofing created a brand and website in weeks vs months. The best part is your company can get the same results. If your business or organization needs a new brand and website, let’s combine the two, saving you time and money. Contact me for a quote today.

Logo design for roofing company
Here's the Final Logo

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