Web Design and Branding

jeremy parks web and graphic designerI will boost your brand! My name is Jeremy Parks and I’ve been a web designer and graphic artist for over 20 years, half of those years working in agencies. A past marketing company owner, I offer branding and advertising knowledge you can trust. With 200+ sites under my belt and extensive branding experience, I can help reach your customers better with web design, graphics, and print. Please see my design portfolio here.

Web Design

WordPress Web DesignIn 2005, I started using WordPress for my client websites. Its blog features, themes, plugins, and more, changed the way the World did web design, so I soon became an advocate for this flexible and powerful CMS (content management system). Today, WordPress powers 33% of websites worldwide making it the most supported platform to build a site in. If building your site outside of WordPress I suggest you pause and research this powerful solution, it’s the perfect fit for most websites. Do you need to sell online or accept payments or subscriptions? WordPress powers more e-commerce sites any other platform in the world. I can get you selling online today!

Graphic Design

Sport Drink Supplement Packaging and Brand Design In high school, my art teacher owned a sign shop and needed help setting up CorelDraw, and after witnessing how quickly I could design on the screen vs. on canvas, I was immediately hooked! These days, Adobe Creative Cloud is my best friend for many of my graphic design needs, including email marketing, web, social, and traditional print pieces like logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, catalogs, packaging, and more.


Colorado Logo DesignOriginally a Nebraska native, I was always drawn to the Colorado mountains during summer vacations, so I moved to Fort Collins, CO in 2000. When I’m not wrangling code and pixels, I focus on my family, good food & beer, cycling, my classic Chevy truck, and tinkering in the garage. Outside of hobbies I enjoy helping small businesses with their branding and sales through my inbound marketing company, Your Imprint. To close, I have the background and agency experience your business needs but at a fraction of the cost of working with a marketing group. Now it’s time for your story!