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Having trouble finding a designer or developer for your next web project or site? You just need to know where to look. In this post I’ll touch on the successes and experiences I’ve had sourcing good web design help. Like any skill or task, practice yields better results and, in this case, better people. Getting up and started is easy, and the practice comes in the form of writing job posts, online chats, milestones, and project management. Excited to find new help and learn the best places to look? Let’s get started!

Before suggesting where to find your next web designer or developer, I need to rewind the clock a bit. A few years back, I thought I had mastered finding and working with online freelancers, after all, I had been one myself for several years. It wasn’t until I started outsourcing web design and development regularly that I noticed I wasn’t getting the results or quality of work I wanted. This was primarily happening due to scope-creep on both parties’ end. I was leaving out clear instruction and milestones in my project descriptions, causing the freelancer or contractor to work twice as hard with little progression. On that note, I’ve spent a lot of time on that side of the fence and know firsthand how frustrating it can be to waste time on a project, especially a low budget one. Over time, I’ve concluded the best folks I freelanced for have backgrounds or degrees in project management, an excellent trait when it comes to dealing with any remote project. The more time you spend organizing your project and expectations the better the deliverable.

Ok, so you’ve scoped the project beautifully, now where do you post it. I have four platforms I use for outsourcing, each with their own features and qualities. I’ve hired web help on all of them and have freelanced on three of them, providing me with some insight.

Freelance and Contractor Platforms I Prefer (in no particular order):

  • Codeable – this is for heavy duty coding and custom development. The hourly rates run $70-$120 per hour and many times there’s a project minimum of $500+
  • Fiverr – you’re probably familiar with this down-and-dirty platform. I use Fiverr when I need something within hours vs. days. But remember, you get what you pay for.
  • Freelancer – one of the oldest. This platform has become a live “stock-ticker” of freelance projects. Similar to Fiverr and Guru, this is a place to go for quick turnarounds and affordable help.
  • Guru – another one that’s been around for a while. I find this platform to fall between Fiverr and Freelancer when it comes to quality of work, price, and turnaround.
  • Upwork – more professional than the platforms above, with the exception of Codeable, Upwork has an intuitive and efficient dashboard. Project money and security is also controlled better.

The BEST places to find local and fast web design help:

  • Craigslist – surprisingly, is the best tool I’ve found for finding local and affordable web help. Take your project and post it under “Gigs” vs. Jobs. Gigs are cheaper to post than jobs and are categories into Computer or Creative.
  • Associates and Friends – do you know someone with a nice website and brand? Ask them who they used. Same goes for anywhere you frequent that has a nice online presence, see if they know who designed their site.

What if you still can’t find web design or development help? That’s what I’m here for! Please contact me here. I’m based in Colorado and freelance fulltime out of my home. Let’s get started on your web project.